Hey, everyone!

So, I’ve decided to change the site around a little bit. I built a bit more difinitive of a landing page for the folks dropping by. Pulled off the sidebar and all of the sharing buttons, added some of David’s awesome art, and generally cleaned it up a bit. I also made a new blog page where all of these posts should (*crosses fingers and toes*) be going from now on. The side bar and sharing stuff should be on all of the other pages, site wide, just not the landing page. The hope is that things feel a bit more professional and less chaotic. Plus, with as much as I ramble, them seeing the last blog entry I spat out as their first glimpse of the site may not be an ideal first impression.

We’ll see how it goes.

Additionally, as part of this minor revamp, I am going to start posting some more…. useful? information on teh blog. I need to start practicing for panels and thigns, so I am going to begin sharing some of the things that I have learned, or figured out, as I’ve worked at tackling this beast that is writing and publishing books, and designing games. If you ahve specific questions, please ask them, either in comments, or emails to me directly. I have a half dozen written already, and I will make more (go ahead, crunch all you like!). I’m going to try to keem them bite-sized (in the neighborhood of 400-700 words), so they don’t take a ton of time to read. Again, let me know what you think and we can make adjustments from there. I’ll doubtless still post random stuff in between those (hopefully) insightful/helpful musings though, so keep that in mind! I’m going to shoot for three per week for now. That’s three helpful psots, not just three posts. Maybe I’ll get one-a-day, but I’m not promising that.

Also, had a great meeting with David from Full Spectrum Arts last night, about the art book. We’ve got a plan and we are under way, full steam ahead. The plan is still to have a book for GenCon, but it’s tight, so we’ll see how that goes. Here’s hoping we can pull it together in time!

Lastly, there is still a sale on books at the Kalijor Press Book Store. You cna save 18% on your purchases through the end of today, Friday the 13th of July (awesome date!!) by using cupon code: CAUGHT So, go! Take advantage! Get your set of Kalijor books in hardcover, or softcover at a great discount from retail that I can’t even offer at cons!

I think that’s about it. Look for useful blog entries to begin appearing next week, and let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

End of Line…