So, I’m not sure how many folks actually ~have~ a Kobo eReader… But, for those of you who do, or know someone who does, I have great news!

Now that Borders has got themselves out of the way, authors/small presses are finally able to access the Kobo market. Case in point: after about twenty minutes of fiddling last night, we got all four Kalijor novels to post to the Kobo store! So, to all you Kobo readers out there, rejoice! You can now get Kalijor Press books on your devices without any time spent downloading from other sources and side-loading them onto your device. Just search up Kalijor on your Kobo book store (or use the handly links we’ve just installed on the books’ pages to go directly to each boot) and you’re there!

Also, here’s a link for those that want to jump over from here: Kalijor books on Kobo

In other news, the Fifth Key is still plugging along. I’m trying to increase my pace a bit so ther eis more time to get this one through editing and art, but I think it’s going to be big, so no telling how far from done it truly is at this point…


The RPG book is still creeping forward. Much to do yet, but my primary efforts are on the Fifth Key at this point. Playtesting is still on-going, and changes are made after every session at this point.


The art book…. We’re still going to try and have it for GenCon… No idea if we actually will or not… *shrug*


Other than that, just getting ready for GenCon and writing my tail off.


I hope you are all doing well, and I look forward to teh next time we can interact!


End of Line…