Hey everyone, and welcome to all you new folks out there!


Just a quick note to say that books are on sale at 20% off over at the Kalijor Press Book Store. Just drop in, fill your cart, and use cupon code: ASTOUND at checkout to save.

Sale is on through the end of Friday, August 10th.



In other news, I will be ont eh road to Ohio that day. Going to spend a few days with some friends before GenCon begins on the 16th. Still no word on whether I’ll actually be running Kalijor games there yet or not, but I’ll be ready to do so if it goes through. If not, I hope to see you all at the table either way! Remember, we’re featured in the GenCon authors’ short story compilation “Missing Pieces III’ this year, so snatch a copy and bring it by for an autograph!


Okay, more ‘serious’ posts resume tomorrow. I hope to see you all soon.


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