Hey all!


I know I’ve been quiet this week. Sorry about that. My eldest and I have been visiting some friends in Ohio. We mostly just hung out and chatted, helped with costuming and cooked (I love to cook when I have time). We also visited the US Air Force Museum, which was incredible. I highly recommend you check it out if you have the means.


That said, we are now in Indianapolis getting ready to start our first day of GenCon! Kalijor Press is set up at table C in Author’s Ave, which is looking right across the aisle at the artists section. We have piles of books and prints by David Magoun to sell, and we have a short story in the GenCon anthology, ‘Missing Pieces III’!


The hall opens at 10, so come and see us, and all the other hard working authors and artists at the con this weekend!


Also, I’ll be running Kalijor RPG campaigns at 1pm today, tomorrow, and Saturday in the Marriott ballroom III. I have space for up to ten players so bring a friend or two and come check the new game out while you’re here!


Okay, I’m off to make a cup of coffee and get ready for the first day of con. I’ll see y’all here!


End of line…