So, we’re back from GenCon. We had an awesome time, and are looking forward to next year’s opportunity.

Thanks to some very helpful and caring people, I was able to get away from the table a few times and actually see and experience some of the convention. It was pretty cool (although I was constantly wanting to get back to the table ‘just in case’, so I suspect I’ll never be able to truly divorce myself from that) and I got to see a bunch of great stuff. In particular, we went to see’The Gamers’ live event, which was hilariously funny, and after that they went right into the filming of their final few scenes for their new movie, ‘The Hand of Fate’. It was an amazing good time that I am overjoyed to have been able to participate in. Of course, it didn’t hurt that a good friend of mine happened to be able to participate in the shooting, interacting directly with one of the main characters, while in costume as Riana. Really looking forward to seeing the final film now!

We met a bunch of great folks, and hopefully have a few more fans out there (welcome to each of you, and thank you for joining us).

While there, I was able to run one Kalijor RPG play test. The games went into the catalogue very late, but we still managed to get a player to come check it out. Things seemed to go pretty well. There were a couple little hiccups that will lead to adjustments in the game, but on the whole, the system seems to be working. I am very much looking forward to seeing how it works with some more people where at Tacticon on the 31st.

I’ve put a couple new photo galleries up on the Facebook page, so please feel free to check those out and leave a few comments for others if you were there, or happen to be in any of the images. As for me, I am going to finish wrapping up from the con, order a few more copies of the First Key to restore stock, then get back to writing the Fifth Key. My goal at this point is to finish the book by the end of September.


I hope all is well with all of you, and I very much look forward to seeing you all at the next event!

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