Hello everyone.

I know updates have been a bit sparse lately, but beleive me when I say it will be worth the silence. I’ve written almost 20,000 words in teh Fifth key over the past week and change since returning from GenCon! I have set a goal to have the first draft done by end of September and in teh hands of my editor for initial cleanup. At this point we are ahead of last year’s schedule for the Fourth Key, so I see no reason to expect that the conclusion to the main story arc won’t be able to debut at StarFest in April!

I’ve also been tweaking the RPG a bit based upon feedback and testing results. This work has been pretty limited, as I’ve been focused on the novel, but it is happening. Honestly, the mechanics seem pretty solid. We still have a lot of testing to get through (magic, abilities, and hacking/cyberspace in particular), but they all function pretty similarly, so it should go pretty quickly once we get under full steam.

To that end, I am beginning to run public games at conventions and other venues. Case in point, we will be at Tacticon this weekend, beginning Friday August 31, through Sunday evening, September 2. I will be running Kalijor games on Saturday, one beginning at 9am, and the next at 2pm. The game should run around two hours and change, plus a little time at the end to debrief and get feedback from those of you who participate. We will also have a table in the dealer’s room where you will be able to find Kalijor books and art prints for your collection! TactiCon is in Aurora, CO at the Red Lion Hotel at I-225 and Parker Rd.


I hope to see you all there and I will update again next week after the con with more information and a post-con debriefing!

Tacticon Floorplan