Okay, so I just got word from teh folks over at MileHi Con and I have several scheduled appearances:

Reading: Friday, October 19 @ 8pm in Mesa Verde A

What’s New in Gaming: Saturday, October 20 @ 10am in Wind River B

eBooks & Self Publishing: Saturday, October 20 @ 2pm in Mesa Verde A

Future of the Tablet: Sunday, October 21 @ 10am in Mesa Verde A

Playing With Participants: Sunday, October 21 @ 2pm in the Atrium


Venue info:

Hyatt Regency Hotel – Tech Center

7800 E. Tufts Ave.

Denver, CO


It doesn’t look like we have any time at the big kid’s autograph table, but we’ll be set up at the community/co-op author table (which sounds like it might be in the dealer’s room this year) as much as is humanly possible, and we’ll try to get some books on consignment with a couple of the vendors in the dealer’s room. I will release a map and any more details as soon as they become available. Sounds like the programs are going to print this weekend, so we should have final details next week.


So, I’m not sure what we’ll be playing at the ‘Playing with Participants’ portion of the con. Could be a board game, or an RPG, or anything, really. Maybe the Kalijor RPG? *ponders* Again, I’ll let you know as soon as I know, which could be at the event. *shrug*


Any suggestions on what I should read at a reading? Never done that one before… Should it be somethign from the first book? Start at the beginning? Or pick a fun excerpt from somewhere els, or another book entirely? Thoughts?


Okay, to work with me!


Here’s hoping you all have an awesome day, and I look forward to seeing you at MileHi Con!



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