Hey, everyone!


I know it’s been a little while since my last update, and i apologize. I’ve been working on a few things in teh background, the most pressing of which was picking out a good selection to present at the reading I have coming up this Friday evening at Mile Hi Con. I did find a good chunk that I am going to read, and edited it for better oral delivery. I’ve practiced it a couple times and it looks to be right around 20 minutes in length. I should have 30 minutes to work with, but it is part of an hour I am sharing with another author, so I’m not sure how that will all work out. The potentialy good thing though, is that there is nothing else scheduled in that room for an hour after the reading, so there is time to bleed over, assuming the audience is interested in carrying Q&A over, or buying books, or socializing, or anything else. 🙂

Around that, I have been working on the Kalijor RPG book and have made significant progress there. I’ve got all of the currently included skills and abilities fully described and statted out, and all spells have been switched over to the new rules system and ‘ranking’ trees. I’ve added several new equipment sections and tweaked the combat section and combat skills to include initiative. Next up, I wil be diving into the rewrite of teh genetics and cybernetics sections to make sure they are entirely ours and ideally suited to the world at hand.

I’ve also been working on editing the next Kalijor novel (about halfway through the rewrite now, and the 2013 con book, which is ready for third party editing now and its cover is done!

David Magoun and I are still working on the Kalijor art book and plan to have it in print as soon as possible, but life is doing as it tends to do and holding things up wherever possible. It is still on the plan though, and truthfully, well under way. WE may not see it until 2013, but when we do, it will be even better than I had originally hoped.


So, that’s whats been going on, and what is coming up. Please, come out and see us this weekend at Mile Hi Con in Denver. I will be appearing in several panels and doing a reading Friday night at 8pm and I would love to see everyone there! We will also be set up at the local author table as much as we can. The last couple of years, that has been in teh atrium just outside the dealer’s room, but I heard a rumor that it might actually be ~in~ the dealer’s room this year, but I haven’t seen a map as yet, so I cannot say for sure. Either way, we will be there as much as we can, but we do like to share so there could be times when we are elsewhere in teh convention, please feel free to stop and say hello.


Mile Hi Con schedule:

Reading: Friday, October 19 @ 8pm in Mesa Verde A

What’s New in Gaming: Saturday, October 20 @ 10am in Wind River B

eBooks & Self Publishing: Saturday, October 20 @ 2pm in Mesa Verde A

Future of the Tablet: Sunday, October 21 @ 10am in Mesa Verde A

Playing With Participants: Sunday, October 21 @ 2pm in the Atrium