Heyas, everyone!

So, not a lot of work has been done lately. My day-job, blast the bery need for it, has turned into something I would probably describe as hellish, if asked. As a reuslt, my motivation for other projects has diminished significantly, which is sort of a bummer since it’s all those other projets that have the power to free me from the aforementioned hellish nightmare…


Go figure, eh?


That said, there could be an end to the nightmare in sight. We’ll see what happens there, and I’m not saying anything more until I know something more. Which will likely be after it’s all said and done, either direction. Because of this potential, I am feeling a resurgence of motivation and feel I will start getting things done again this week.


There are two important things to remember in light of the above, however. First is that the editing on the Fifth Key has not stopped or even really slowed down as a result of my own issues, so that is all still on track. Secondly, the only othe rmajor project I have been focusing on recently has been the RPG, which is in pretty good shape and just needs some rearranging and revising before it goes out to more testers to be put therough the wringer. So I will get back on the RPG deal this week and try to make that happen ASAP. I even got back into revising the next novel (the one AFTER the Fifth Key launches) last night. I’m over 60% of the way through and can get it to editing early next year at the latest.

The art book is on David’s plate, and he is swamped in other personal matters just now, but we are still targetting our February conventions for release of that awesome material. Keep your fingers crossed that his life calms down soon because the man could really use some calm right about now.


Next up, there is a sale going on at the Kalijor Press Book Store. Head on over and use cupon code: BRAINFOOD to save 20% on your entire order. This is a great opportunity to get some of your holiday shopping done for yourself or others, or jus tpick up copies to read now at a great price.


I think that’s about it for now. We’re waiting to hear back from teh folks that run COSine in Colorado Springs. WE should get news mid-November as to whether or not we will be participating in that con in January. After that we have GalaxyFest and Genghis Con (where I will be running Kalijor RPG sessions for anyone who would like to play and offer feedback) in February, then StarFest in April, Denver Comic Con in late May/June, and GenCon (where I will again be running games) in August. Plus much, much more!


Oh! Last thing before I let you all go. I know Kalijor has a small but dedicated fan base right now, but I also know it has a ton of potential. We have plans to get into as many different mediums as we can, and we will get there eventually, but we will get there much faster with your help! Please, tell your friends and family about Kalijor. Get them to buy books and join us on Facebook and here at Kalijor.com. Get them to tell their friends and family and have them come join us. The faser we build community, the faster myself and my fellow creators will be able to feed you more from this world! So, help us get you your Kalijor!


End of Line…