Sorry, all. I know I’ve been remiss in keeping this blog up to date.


A couple weeks ago, my wife called me a couple hours into the work day to tell me the basement was flooding. I rushed home to help mitigate and found that the main sewer line had been blocked and backed up into the basement. Fortunately, it had only backed up a couple of showers by then, and there is no pad under the industrial carpet down there, so we were able to get it all cleaned up in a couple days. We had the main drain cleaned out, as well as the floor drain in the boiler room and spent the better part of two days sucking up water and cleaning (and recleaning, and recleaning, and recleaning) the carpet with the shop vac and the carpet shampooer. We bleached the heck out of all the concrete and framing and so on, then had fans going on everything for a week to make sure there was no moisture left down there. It was awesome good fun, I have to say *sarcasm*

All told, it cost about $600 for the plumber, and to replace a couple power strips and external power supplies that were on the floor in my office. But, everything is up and running again, all electronics are now up off the floor, mounted nicely under my desk, and I am back to work!


Firstly, the 5th Key is getting back on track, but is still on a very tight deadline at this point. We’re still hopeful for a StarFest release, but I still want to make it clear that I will hold onto it as long as I need to in order to make sure it is the best it can be, rather than just let it go to make a date. You all deserve better than that.

In a similar vein, David Magoun, the cover artist for the novels and forthcoming RPGs (More on that here in a minute), has shared some ideas with me and says he will be presenting some roughs here soon. I am very much looking forward to seeing his ideas and choosing a final cover. He’s been passing along some sketches he’s been doing to get back into Kalijor mode and all I can say is, wow! His work just keeps getting better and better. I expect this cover will be pretty epic.

In RPG news, I am nearly done rewriting the text. Playtesting continues, and feedback continues to be very positive. It’s getting to the point where we’re going to start really focusing on typesetting and layout in preparation for art and printing. What this means is that there will be an announcement fairly soon for the Kickstarter campaign. We’ll be asking for money to pay for the art in the book, plus a little bit to cover the publishing costs, which are fairly minimal since we still use print on demand. We have a minimum number we’ll need to get in order to reach what we feel is an appropriate amount of art content, but the more we get, the more art will be in the book. So when the campaign goes live, we’ll be asking for your help in getting the word out as far and wide as we can, to make it the absolute best we can!

Related to the RPG, we have also taken on another, much smaller, project to make a version of the RPG for young kids (7-12), and another version for the real young ones (4-7) to help them work on number recognition, counting, basic math, socialization skills, critical thinking, and also to open their eyes and mind up to the amazing world of RPGs. There’ll be more info about this in the Kickstarter campaign and here on the site once that goes live.

Next up, convention details!

So, I’m going to be at COSine in Colorado Springs next weekend, January 25, 26, and 27. I won’t have a table there, but I will be on several panels, and I’ll also be doing a reading on Sunday. I hope to see you all there (times/panel info below):

6 – 7pm    Rampart    “Pagan Influences on Fantasy and Science Fiction”

5 – 6pm    Pikes Peak Ballroom    “Author Reception, Raffle, and Mass Autographing”

7 – 8pm    Breckenridge   “Deus ex Magica”

1 – 2pm    Telluride    READING – Paul Lell


In February we have GalaxyFest in Colorado Springs from Thursday the 7th, through Sunday the 10th. We’ll have a table in Slipstream Alley to sell and sign books, and I’m supposed to be on a few panels, as well as running a Kalijor RPG campaign on Sunday afternoon. More details on times and panels as I have them.

After that, we have Genghis Con in Aurora from Friday the 15th through Sunday the 17th. We weren’t able to get a table in the vendor room for this con, but I will be there to run a Kalijor RPG campaign a couple times on Saturday and ones on Sunday. So, come on down, check out the game, and hang out with us at the table.

Saturday from 9am-1pm

Saturday from 2pm-6pm

Sunday from 9am-1pm


Our next Con after Genghis is StarFest in April. I’m hoping to get on some panels and such, as well as releasing the new novel there. More information to follow.


I think that’s about it for now, so I’ll let you go. I hope to be spending more time with this blog going forward. I’ve had a lot of crazy stuff come up recently, but I think we’re through most of it and getting back on track, so here’s hoping!


Oh, one more thing… I leave you with this image, the cover for this year’s convention book… Any guesses on the title?

2013 con book cover


Have an awesome day, everyone.




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