Heyas, everyone!

So, still loads going on here. Busy, busy, busy, all the time. But, that is a good thing. 🙂

I just finished the major rewriting on the Kalijor RPG material. I went through and did a broad-stroke reformatting to get the table of contents up to date and the font sizing and basic look and feel consistent throughout the book. It is now in a very solid shape and has been sent out to additional groups for play-testing at a more in-depth level. I’m sure we’ll add a couple skills and maybe a few other small things here and there, but the book is now in a very solid shape and I should be done making major content changes/additions.

On the same subject, all four of the artists I was hoping to contribute to the RPG project have agreed and are on board both to contribute to the book, and to be involved in the Kickstarter campaign. This means that not only will I be revealing their names and showing off some of their art in the campaign video, but I will also be offering some of their art as rewards for contributors! So, we ~will~ have both digital, and physical pieces to offer as rewards for helping fund the Kalijor RPG art, and a few of them will be one-off, pre-production sketches/works that will not be available anywhere else. In point of fact, a couple of the artists that work almost entirely digitally now, have offered to do actual physical sketches just for the purpose of offering rewards!


The Fifth Key is still behind schedule, but now much less so. Work continues at a fervent pace as we attempt to get it back where it needs to be and ready for April!


On the heels of the above, I will be at COSine in Colorado Springs this weekend. I’m on a few panels and will be participating in the mass signing on Saturday as well as doing a reading on Sunday. I’d love to see folks there and am really looking forward to participating and hanging out. I’ll have a few books there for purchase, but I’m not sitting a table so if you want to get copies from me, you’ll have to track me down or, you know, email me and ask me to stop so you can chat me up and get your copies. I do check my email like, every twelve and a half seconds, so if you take that route, you stand a good chance of nailing me down.

6 – 7pm    Rampart    “Pagan Influences on Fantasy and Science Fiction”

5 – 6pm    Pikes Peak Ballroom    “Author Reception, Raffle, and Mass

7 – 8pm    Breckenridge   “Deus ex Magica”

1 – 2pm    Telluride    READING – Paul Lell

After COSine, I have GalaxyFest, also in the Springs, from Feb 7-10 where I WILL be sitting a table and selling books as well as participating in a few panels and running a Kalijor RPG campaign on Sunday. Then Genghis Con the following weekend in Aurora where I’ll be running two games on Saturday and one on Sunday, but again, I won’t be sitting a table.

April is StarFest, and late May/June is Denver Comic Con, where we are confirmed in the vendor area for a whole booth and will be setting up with books, art, and more. I’d like to have pre-release copies of the RPG there, but I don’t want to rush it, and we may not have art by then, so we’ll have to see what we can work out for that one.


I’m now going to leave you with a couple images from one of the artists that has agreed to join us for the Kalijor RPG project. Please, enjoy!

Eastbound on 435 Workskinz