Cosine was great. I had an awesome time, met some great people, and really enjoyed sharing thoughts and processes on the panels I was lucky enough to be able to attend. There were some great thoughts and questions offered up by the audience and other attending folks. We welcomed several new readers, signed some books, and had a generally great time. I was very pleasantly surprised, considering the attendance of the cone was around 300 people. It never ceases to amaze me how awesome the sci-fi/fantasy community is.


All of that made it a bit sad to hear that this may be the last COSine convention! The folks that have been running the con for the past 10 years have been doing so as a labor of love. There is no profit for them in organizing this convention, aside from being able to see other folks enjoying the fruits of their labor. Having been party to the running of numerous such major events in my life, I can tell you that it is not easy. There is a lot to do, and so many little details that must be attended that there is no time to enjoy the event once it’s up and running. To do all of the prep work, which can take months, to a year before the event, then soak up all your time at the event, is a monumental task at the best of times and I laud their efforts. Alas, it seems they have grown tired of the frenetic pace and wish to slow things down a bit, which is certainly understandable. However, it also seems that despite their numerous efforts to find someone to take over, no one has stepped up to do so. My understanding is that they are still looking and have not officially put down the con yet. Rather, they are putting the con ‘on hiatus’ pending the transition of the event to another person or group who can carry it forward.

So, what’s the point of all of this? Well, if you are in the Colorado Springs area and are a lover of Science Fiction/Fantasy literature, and are looking for a rewarding project to take up, please get in touch with the folks over at the First Friday Fandom and chat them up about the future of COSine. I know a couple hundred folks who will be extremely thankful of you if you do!


Next up, the Fifth Key of Kalijor.

Finished edit is back from the editor and I will begin revising the manuscript tonight. It is my intention to push hard on it this week and get it done and back out to test readers by this weekend. Now, that’s 600 pages in 6×9 format, so it’s no small feat, but it needs doing if we’re going to have the book ready for StarFest. That said, please understand if I am not terribly communicative this week as I will be up to my eyeballs in revisions! One of the artists I use for the novels has already turned in her pieces for the book (that’s the black and white title graphics and so forth inside the book) and David says he has a couple variations of the cover to show me so we can pick one and get the final under way. It is my fervent hope that we are going to be able to pull this one out by the promised date, folks. We’re working at top speed to make it happen but we’re also trying hard to make sure nothing is missed or set aside in the process.


The Kalijor RPG.

The manuscript is in pretty solid shape. Play testing continues and the refinements are growing smaller and smaller so it looks like this one is getting pretty close. To that end, I have begun setting up to run the Kickstarter Campaign. As mentioned previously, all four of the artists I have contacted to take part in the campaign, and to contribute art to the book have all agreed and are sending pieces over to be used as rewards for contributors! It’s looking great so far and I am getting super excited about this book! Look for more news in early February as we spool up the campaign to fund the art!


More projects.

We have a lot going on that won’t be visible, or even talked about in much more than whispers, until later this year. Suffice to say we are working hard to bring amazing new products, stories, and adventures to everyone!


Next Conventions…


Colorado Springs, Antlers Hotel, February 8-10

We’ll be there selling books and participating in panels as well as running Kalijor RPG games. We don’t have the schedule yet, but it should be coming to light soon. I’ll let you know as soon as I get it!


Genghis Con

Aurora, Red Lion, February 15-17

I will be at Genghis Con running Kalijor RPG campaigns to get the word out and get more feedback from players.

Games can be found in the con program book and are at 9am and 2pm Saturday and 9am Sunday, if memory serves.



Denver, Tech Center Marriott, April 19-21

We’ll be there on Author’s Alley, and I am working on getting on some panels and maybe to run a game or two. If you have any thoughts on a panel you’d like to see, let me know and if there is one, I’ll try to jump on, or if there isn’t one, I’ll get one going!


Okay, I think that’s about it for now, so I’ll let you all go and get to revising the Fifth Key!


End of Line…