XantheRee RPG

Hello, all you amazing fans out there!


Yes, the time has finally come. I know, I’ve been talking about it for months now, but all of the myriad pieces have finally fallen into place and the Kickstarter funding campaign for the Kalijor RPG is now in full swing. Our initial goal is $8,000, which will cover the cost of art, both cover and interior, publication, the legal bits involved in publishing a book of any kind, the printing of 150 copies (of each book), and subsidization of all of the various and sundry fees and rewards associated with a Kickstarter campaign.

There are a ton of great rewards to be had for your support, including copies of the RPG, art prints by the artists signed on to work with us for the books, your name immortalized as a supporter of the project in the pages of the finished book, copies of the Kalijor novels, and even some amazing new Kalijor-inspired tea blends from Dryad Tea!

Before I link you over, I want to say that this endeavor is not just about the Kalijor RPG. Rather, it is about a gaming system that is designed from the ground up to help kids grow up learning critical thinking, reasoning, social, and mathematical skills. This system is designed to help families enjoy gaming together and will have versions of the system for kids 4-7, 7-14, and 14+, all using the same basic core rules and just layering on complexity and ‘realism’ as kids learn the rules and grow up with the game.

As mentioned many times before, people who are playing the game, are loving the game, and their feedback has been invaluable toward improving the game for everyone.

This isn’t just a new RPG. It is a new concept in Role Playing Games. Designed to leverage new technologies and involve whole families in productive, fun time together.

Of course, it’s also an amazing new RPG for anyone who loves RPGs.


Okay, so without further rambling from me, here’s the link. Please, spread the word to the whole world and help us get this great new gaming system into publication!