Well folks,


We had an awesome time at StarFest! The table was hopping most of the time and we had plenty of great conversations and fan interactions. We met loads of new people and said hello to some familiar faces. I sat in on a panel on Sunday and got to hang out with some local authors that are becoming very friend-like… *ponders*

Seriously though, people like Peter Wacks, Guy Anthony De Marco, and David Boop, and others, are making themselves available to help me get through some of the more interesting pitfalls of the writing and publishing world. For this, and their companionship and energy at con, I am extremely grateful, and eternally thankful.

And to all you readers and fans out there, words cannot express how thankful I am for you! Without all of you, there would really be no point to anything else I am doing here. It is your energy and interest that truly sustains my efforts. I hope that I continue to improve in my story telling and writing abilities and that you all feel good about your support!


Next up, the RPG Kickstarter. We didn’t quite make it in the 30 days we had. It was largely just a case of not enough people knowing about it to make it happen. I’m moving pretty quickly and the issue with that is I haven’t quite reached the required critical mass of followers/supporters to make that happen in a timely fashion. That said, I am not to be deterred! I have moved the campaign over to Indiegogo.com with a restructured rewards offering and a lower goal. Fear not, however. The lower goal means two things. First, art for the Kalijor: Kids book will be coming from existing manga-style image stock that I have already purchased, with a few new pieces here and there to fill in some gaps. Second, we will not have the funds to print the initial 300 books that I had budgeted into the Kickstarter.

Other than that, this lower goal will still provide everything we need in order to make the RPG happen. That is, art, publication costs, proof copies, and campaign rewards/fees. This just means a slightly slower start, but we are still starting!

So, please, head on over to the campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/kalijor-a-role-playing-game-for-all-ages?c=home

Help out with a pledge, if you can. If not, then please spread the word as far and wide as you can. Every single effort is greatly appreciated.


And on that note, I must run. I will update again soon with more fun news that I have about some little things in the product pipeline.

Thanks again for your support, and for the awesome time at StarFest, and I’ll talk to you later. 🙂


End of Line…