Hello, world!


I have a few updates for you all before I get on with my day, and you, I am sure, get on with yours. 🙂


First, the Kalijor RPG IndieGoGo campaign is sitting at 50% funded with just over 30 days to go. There will be a bit PR campaign spinning up on Monday to try and generate some more interest, but you can help now by telling everyone about this great game system. I spent some time yesterday firming up the rules and character sheets for the kids 4-8 version of the game and I think it is going to be huge. Very simple rules, no adding bonuses or other math for the younger players, and easy to use ‘tick’ boxes to track health and the couple of other metrics in the game. I’ll be posting more in an update to the campaign today or tomorrow, so stay tuned.

The campaign is at: http://igg.me/at/KalijorRPG/x/2984451


Next up is news from the Novels side of things. I sent out copies of next year’s novel to several test readers and I am already getting some excellent feedback. If everything else goes alright this summer, there should be no trouble getting this one out the door in time for the 2014 cons! I continue to write in the new novel on and off, although I’ve slowed down a bit to get work on the RPGs done.


Last for this update is some news about Denver Comic Con. We just got some official word from the con team that all is well and starting to seriously gear up. Booth design is well underway, and Kalijor Press will have Kalijor Novels (all the new second editions with the refreshed and new cover art), a wall of art by David Magoun, the man responsible for all the new book covers, and a table full of Dryad Tea, featuring the eight amazing blends inspired by the characters int eh Kalijor novels!

We’ll be in booth 1131, just a few paces away from ‘Artist’s Valley’. Come on in and see us if you can make it to the con!

DCC Location


That’s about it for now, so have an awesome day and I’ll talk to you all later!


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