I know it’s been a little bit since my last update, but things have been busy around the office here. Work has been progressing on many fronts with the RPG text getting tightened up, some new tables going in to help streamline character generation, and artwork being worked on by numerous amazing contributors.


I started outlining plot for another book yesterday, and got well into it before the evening ran out of steam. It is based on a campaign one of my test groups is running for the Kalijor RPG and is proving to have some great twists and turns that I think readers will really enjoy. I’m looking forward to writing the book once I have bandwidth to do so.


The RPG funding project is sitting at right around 50% and it still really needs your assistance to make it go through. I am resolved to making it happen, and I will do so. But there are funding options I really would rather not invoke. Which is why I’ve turned to you, my amazing fans and readers. By pledging your support to the Kalijor RPG Funding Program, you not only will help this great project get off the ground, but you’ll also receive some amazing rewards for your contribution. They range from bookmarks all the way through special edition hard cover copies of the finished books and they are all a steal considering what you will be helping make happen!


But, the way these programs work is by word of mouth and strong recommendations. More than your financial contributions, we need you to spread the word. If ten people pledge $10 each, we don’t get as far as we would if 100 people pledged $5 each. Numbers make all the difference here and with your help, we can gather the numbers to make this work!


Now, on the subject of funding drives. A great friend of mine has put together an amazing book of poems and primers by reimagining many classics from greats such as Mother Goose. She’s wrapped these recognizable oldies in fresh visions of geekiness and fun for a new generation and she also needs our assistance to make her vision come to life. But more than that, she and I have created a sort of umbrella organization to draw all of our efforts up under and present a united front at conventions and other events. On the strength of our products and goals we not only secured a place at GenCon 2013’s Entrepreneur’s Avenue, but we were also awarded one of only six fellowships by the con and their supporters.


I implore you to check out her funding campaign on Kickstarter. Contribute, if you can, and share the news of it far and wide. The two of us will be at GenCon this year with our new books, The Surreal Mother Geek, The Kalijor RPG, The Kalijor: Kids RPG, The Kalijor Grow With Me RPG, and The Surreal Mother Geek Grow With Me RPG. We’ll have dice sets for children (huge dice in primary colors so kids can learn to use them, recognize colors, recognize numbers, and still not choke on them), baby blankets, dice bags, and swag bags with geek culture references embroidered on them, and so much more. So, please, help us get to GenCon in style. Help one, or both, of these projects get funded!


The Surreal Mother Geek:

KS Email








The Kalijor RPGs:

XantheRee RPG








That’s about it for now. Thank you for listening to me ramble. I have to get back to work on thee amazing new books now, but I trust you will click on over to the links above and help us help the next generation of geeks grow up right. J


Have an awesome day, and thank you for your contributions, whether they be financial, emotional, energy, encouragement, or just plain old appreciation for what we’re working toward!


End of Line…