I just got back from Denver Comic Con where we spent the weekend with Dryad Tea enjoying the thrum of the Denver geek population (and the thumping base of the ‘Rock Band’ game going on behind us). Not that I had terribly far to go, really, being a local. Still, I took the evening to decompress and get a little rest before posting. The first thing I would like to say is, thank you. To all the folks who stopped by our booth, or joined a panel to listen to me ramble, or even went so far as to pick up a copy of one or more books, again, thank you! And welcome, to all the new readers out there!









I was able to join six panels at the con, one Friday on working in the comic/publishing industry, Two Saturday on Author Co-Ops and creating stories, and three Sunday on Crowd-sourcing for authors, movie and book remakes, and space operas. I joined the likes of Kevin J Anderson, AZ Power Girl, Bryan Young, Peter Wacks, Guy Anthony De Marco, David Jackson, and more on the stage under the proverbial spotlight and had a great time chatting with them, and the audience about life, the universe, and everything.


Looking around the early morning-after rundowns from local news sources it appears that con attendance was somewhere in the neighborhood of 40,000-50,000 people this year. That makes DCC either the largest or second largest con I’ve ever attended. If memory serves, GenCon was around 45,000 or so people last year so it’s pretty close. The interesting thing about that though is this is DCC’s second year! That’s right, they’ve gone from 0 to 50k guests in one year!


On that point I would like to say a couple of things, then I’ll move on to book business. Firstly, if you did not know, the Denver Comic Con is a not-for-profit convention that uses all proceeds after making costs to support the Comic Book Classroom charity organization, enhancing and encouraging literacy skills in children of all ages. It was this program and dedication to educating our youth that got William Shatner to drop everything and make his way to Denver on two week’s notice to fill the void left by Stan Lee stepping back from the con this year (for scheduling conflicts, not health issues). I myself have used comic books as a gateway to the enjoyment of reading for my own children so I understand how effective a tool this can be and I fully support the goals and ambitions of this program, as is evidenced by Kalijor Press’s work on the Grow With Me RPG system and Kalijor: Kids RPG being done in conjunction with the full Kalijor RPG.


Second, for a convention that is in its second year and has experienced 100% year-over-year attendance increase I have to say that despite a couple little issues here and there, this was really one of the better run conventions I have ever attended. Granted, I am really just beginning to branch out and get into more cons and I wasn’t particularly enamored of our booth’s location, but the organization and level of support and professionalism I experienced at DCC this weekend was on par with that of GenCon and the folks in Indy have been doing that con for decades. So, my hat is off to the folks behind DCC. Amazing job. We have already pre-paid to attend DCC 2014!


Okay, now onto some Kalijor-related items.


The Kalijor RPG Indiegogo campaign finished up this evening. As of this writing we have about 16 hours and change to get those final pledges in. I am confident, and extremely happy to say that I think we will make it happen today. For this as well, I thank you all, my lovely, amazing supporters! I have already sent out all of the art assignments and I am getting finished pieces in almost every day now. The book is looking tremendous and the few final tweaks to the content are finishing up. All I have left to do is finish up the introduction and a couple other pieces, like the supporters page, and it will be ready for prime time (once all of the art is in). The Kalijor: Kids book is getting a few final tweaks as well, including a section containing some starter adventures for folks to kick off their gaming experience with.


Please, take a few moments to share this link one more time before the campaign draws to a close. Let’s see if we can do better than the goal and get some extra art, or copies, into the mix here!


Vehicle Hanger


This week I will be sending out for the 6×9 prints that will go out to supporters, and readying the art for the larger prints for those of you who hooked into those tiers of support. After that I will be working to finish up those final bits of writing then get the books in for final editing and layout passes. It is my fervent hope that we will be ready to go to press mid-July so that I can get copies going and rewards in the mail to supporters before GenCon.RPG_5


On the novel front, I have been receiving some tremendous feedback from test readers on the new novel and while it needs some work, I expect it to be better than anything I’ve done to date. I’m really looking forward to getting this one into your hands and hearing what you have to say about it.


While that re-write is going on, I am also continuing work on a couple new novels, as well as doing some clean-up and rewriting on some other books that are already done and might one day be potentially considered for publication. The simple truth is, I have too much rattling around in my head in terms of stories I want to tell, for the time I have available in the day to work on telling them. I’d say I hope the voices calm down one day and give me a little piece, but I’d be lying if I did, so I’m not going to. Instead, I am going to say that I hope the RPG takes off and novel sales pick up to the point that I can quit my day job and write/create full time!


And with the way things are going, I am more confident than ever that this will come to pass.


Okay, off to work now. Thank you all for your time and support and I hope you have an amazing day!


End of Line…