Hello there, all you awesome people, you!


So, yeah… Mike and I were working on the site last week, as we have been for nearly a month now, and I took a peek at the journal page only to discover that I have been neglecting my posting duties for the better part of six weeks now. I apologize. I have been remiss in my sworn duty to keep you informed as to the goings on here at Kalijor Press. This is a situation which I shall rectify, now!


Novel News:

Feedback on next year’s book has been very good thus far. I have a few more tweaks to make, but then I can send it off for official editing. I’m hoping that can get under way before I leave for GenCon, but I’m not rushing it, especially around other things that are going on and ~must~ have higher priority.

I currently have three (3) other novels in progress. One is being co-written by myself and two good friends of mine, and is a follow up to Status Quo, which is undergoing rewrite on and off right now. The other two books are all mine and are being worked on here and there as I have time and energy. Honestly, somewhere around 90% of my time and energy lately have been going into the RPG and supporting activities, but that is starting to calm down now so I can get back into some serious writing and hopefully get these stories wrapped up.


RPG News:

It has been a busy couple of months, but things are really getting traction now! Both the Kalijor RPG and the Kalijor: Kids RPG are at the printer. These represent my very first time using a heavy press, which has been an interesting experience on its own. They are doing 100 of each for me, and shipping the bulk of them to Ohio, where I will be setting up a base of operations at a friend’s house before GenCon, and the rest to Kalijor Press here in Colorado for TactiCon the last weekend of August here in Aurora. Proofs for both books should be arriving here this week and I am very much looking forward to seeing them!

I also ran a small PoD batch of both books from my regular printer in order to fulfill IndieGogo supporter rewards, and those should also be arriving this week as they all shipped out early last week. The hardcover books are in that batch and it’s the last big hurdle in the path of getting those rewards out the door to those of you out there who so graciously supported the RPG project. I am still aiming to get rewards in the mail in teh first full week of August so supporters get their copies of the book before the general public has access.

PDF versions of both RPG books are done, and will be uploaded to and available from here at Kalijor.com. We had to build out a bunch of new functionality in order to make this happen, and we spent a large portion of last week tweaking, testing, and re-tweaking things to make sure it was all working properly. Supporters will be receiving a download or coupon code to get their perk package copies soon!

ePub versions of both RPG book have been generated and are undergoing testing and tweaking now. I am hoping to submit them to the Apple iBooks store by the end of this week. This has been a learning experience in a lot of different directions and I am looking forward to seeing how the product is received. There are some features in format that I adore, and some others that I find questionable, but on the whole I think it could be a very cool way to carry around an RPG book library. Functionality such as live links, glossary definitions available in context and more are really useful and largely intuitive to use. I hope other gamers out there agree.

Character Sheets have been finalized and Mike took a couple days to go through and turn them into PDF forms so that you can print them blank and fill them out by hand, or type in as much, or as little, data as you like on your computer, then save, or print them; all while keeping the formatting intact and the file universally available. Character and ship sheets will be available as free downloads here at Kalijor.com indefinitely and links to them will be provided from within the eBooks and on the site itself.

Art Prints for IndieGogo supporters have been ordered and should be arriving from production and mounting this week, or very early next week. These are the last piece of the puzzle that must fall into place before perks are shipped out to supporters. I used a local outfit that came very highly recommended by more than one artist friend of mine. I spent quite a while on the phone with the business talking about how they work, what kind of materials they use and what the lifespan of their products are. I am very pleased with the information they gave me and I hope the final product is in line with what I have been told. I have absolutely no reason to believe otherwise though, so I think we’ll be just fine.



Almost everything I Can do from here to prepare for GenCon has been done. I still have some stuff to ship out to Ohio yet, as mentioned previously, but mostly I am down to the anxious waiting. This trip will mark numerous firsts for me, and for my business, so there are some nerves to deal with but by and large, I am ready to go! There are still a couple seats left in a couple of the games I will be running to show off the Kalijor RPG so, if you will be at the con, please give some thought to sitting in and checking out the system, and the finished book!

RPG1339935 Thursday at 2pm

RPG1339941 Friday at 2pm

RPG1339949 Sunday at 10am

All other games, including the kids games, are sold out! You can swing by with generic tickets and see if there is space at the table, but if you want to be assured of a seat, please jump on one of the above games ASAP.


The G33k & Co. booth (1349 in Entrepreneur’s Avenue, right across from Author’s Avenue) is looking amazing, and plans continue to get nailed down for operation and some final design details. My partners are doing 100% of the legwork on the build because I will be flying to their place just ahead of con and it was impractical to do any construction here in Colorado and then incur shipping costs to get it out there for con. I feel pretty badly about not being able to offer much more than emotional and some meager financial support, but I have to say that it is looking tremendous and I think it’s going to be an amazing debut for a new company at GenCon!
Oh! I also got another short story into the GenCon author’s compilation book, ‘Missing Pieces IV’, so if you pick up a copy, please bring it by the booth for a signature and a chat!We are tied into the Cheese Weasel scavenger hunt and con app with raffles going on at their booth that can save you money on, or even get you free products at our booth. We will have prizes at the STINK event before the con, and we will be participating in the trade day event Wednesday before the con opens to the public. We have numerous other give-aways going on and we will be donating a percentage of all of our profits to the local big brothers/big sisters program after the convention.

GenCon Map









We will have a table in the dealer’s room again this year at TactiCon 2013 (August 29- September 2). We’ll have novels, prints, and copies of the new RPGs for sale. We’re also running a few games at the con as well. So, if you’re local to the Denver/Aurora area or close by, and want to check out the game before you decide to pick it up, then please stop by and play a round! There will be Kalijor Press gift certificates given out by the con, and a couple copies of the game will be donated to the auction and prize packages as well.

5042.1 Friday at 7pm

5042.2 Saturday at 9am

5042.3 Sunday at 9am


We had a great time last year at TactiCon and are very much looking forward to being there again this year!


MAL Con:

We will be at MAL (Myths and Legends) Con in the Tech Center September 27-29. We’re going to be setup in the ‘Author’s Nook’ with one or more other authors in what has been described as a fun, cozy, welcoming area with some comfortable chairs, a nice throw rug, a couple reading lamps, and some book shelves. I’m not entirely sure how it’s all going to work yet, but look forward to checking it out and meeting some new folks at this first-run convention dedicated to some of the smaller fan bases out there.

We’re currently discussing the running of Kalijor RPG campaigns there and I look forward to doing so (at this point I just need to verify the availability of my backup so I know if I can step away to run some games). Also, a panel schedule will hopefully be forthcoming as well.


MileHi Con:

We are on the docket for MileHi Con again this year. The panel questionnaire should be arriving soon, followed by a schedule that I will post here as soon as I get it so you can all make plans accordingly. I’ve heard rumors of a sort of author’s alley being setup there this year where authors can have their own tables instead of sharing the local authors table, but nothing official has come of it yet. As soon as I know, I’ll let you know, but for now I can confirm that we will be there, and I will be on as many panels as I can get. 🙂


And that’s all I have to say about that…

I think I’m tapped out on news and events for now. So, I’ll let you go and get back to the myriad things I have to do before this next series of conventions kicks off (and next year there are already more on the docket!). When the RPG begins to take off, we’ll add a couple of sourcebooks to the roster in addition to the new novel, and next year will be another big year for us here at Kalijor Press!


Okay, I’m off. Thank you all for your support, and I hope to get back to regular updates and communications here now that production is calming down a bit.




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