Heya, everyone out there in internet-land!

This is, just as the title suggests, a general update on the goings-on hereabouts. I’ve been working to get the iBooks versions of the RPG settled in and ready for prime time, as well as pulling things together in preparation for traveling to GenCon this coming Monday (well, I’ll be going to Ohio for a couple days first, to help finish the booth and other prep work, then we’ll be heading to Indy Wednesday to setup and hob-knob a bit).

On the subject of iBooks, the Kids version of the game is still under review (I missed something in the metadata when I initially submitted it and had to fix and resend the file), but the 14+ version of the game is there and available for pre-order. In point of fact, if you pre-order it now, you will get it at 50% off of the regular price as there is currently an issue that Apple is trying to sort out and is keeping me from pricing the book in line with the PDF version here on the site. So, if you have an iPad (the iBooks version only works on iPad), then get your copy ordered ASAP because I know not when the pricing bug will be fixed and the book will go up to it’s intended price!

On that subject, the physical copies of both books are available through the Kalijor book store, by clicking on the RPG links in the menu bar above. You can order them now, if you want a copy. I was holding off on announcing that until I was pretty sure the IndieGogo backers and folks at GenCon would be the first of the general public to see the books and now that this is the case, everyone can click right on over to the ordering page and get your copies headed your way!

I’ve spent the last few days getting all of the GenCon game characters and info transcribed onto the new character sheets and cleaning all of that up. I just finished printing the last of that and can now call it all wrapped up and ready to go to con. With that said, there are still a couple of seats at a couple of the games, so if you’re interested in checking it out, and you’ll be at or can make it to GenCon, then look up Kalijor in the event catalog and get yourself a seat. They’re almost gone, so move quickly!

GenCon Map

On the subject of GenCon, we will be there starting Wednesday afternoon for Trade Day, and then all through the event. Come by and see us and our partners at the G33k & Co. booth, number 1349 and say hello!

We’ll have dice bags, swag bags, dice, the amazing new book from Surreal Mother Geek, Kalijor novels and art and RPGs for all ages (literally, ages 4-400)!





In novel news I am please to report that I am about halfway through the next revision of ‘The Aegis Protocol’, next year’s novel featuring the origin story of Daray, who has made several cameos throughout the Keys of Kalijor series. The story just keeps getting better and better as feedback comes in and I think this could be the best novel from the Kalijor universe yet! I’m really looking forward to sharing it with all of you next year.

And that’s not all, either! I’m also about 20,000 words into writing another new one that takes place about 20 years after the Fifth Key. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Still, I have five other completed stories already written as well. They just need some time in rewrite and editing and they’ll be ready to go, so there is no shortage of stories in the Kalijor pipeline. Things are just getting more and more exciting here. 🙂


That’s about it for me, but I want to leave you with a reading suggestion before I sign off. This guy, Scott Bachmann is someone I met at GenCon and he is a tremendous writer who does a couple of comics and a series of novels that he describes as ‘super hero books for people who hate super hero books’. His first novel, ‘The Paragon of Animals’ was a great read about someone ending up in the super-hero business very much against their will, and how they handle it. It was a blast to read, with a gritty, down to earth feel, loads of action, and characters that feel very real, despite their abilities and situations. He just released a revised version of the novel, with new cover art and I highly recommend that everyone checks it out! You can find it here.


And that’s about it for me this round. Hopefully I’ll get back to more regular updates after GenCon. And if you’re in Colorado, then please give some thought to coming out to TactiCon 8/30-9/1 and saying hello, or catching a Kalijor game!


Okay, I’m off.


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