I’ve been busy over here, with book stuff and so much more! So, here’s the news:


The Aegis Protocol (next year’s novel) is coming out of rewrite shortly and will then be going into editing and cover design mode. I’m hoping to knock it out in the next couple of months so I have plenty of time to get it into the books databases before release next year. It is my goal to not have it done by the skin of my teeth this round. I’d like to be able to say ‘it is available now, in all formats, on all the major bookseller’s websites’, rather than, ‘I have copies here, and you can get the eBooks online, but the physical copies will be a while before you can order them from major bookseller’s’. You know… baby steps toward improving the operation. 🙂

Also, I broke 30k words on the new novel last week (didn’t get any writing done of the weekend as we had a bunch of family and friends stuff over the weekend). It’s shaping up very nicely and I am still very pleased with the story and characters.


On the subject of improving the operation, I’ve picked up a couple items that will make the table at conventions a bit less cluttered and transactions a bit faster/more organized. Next I’d like to get some better signage for cons. One step at a time, right?


On the subject of the RPG, it should be appearing for purchase at major booksellers soon (sound familiar?). Now that things are calming down a bit I am getting ready to dive into cleaning up the first sourcebook for publication. It’s already written, but needs some cleaning and editing, then layout work. The big hitch will be getting enough sales of the main books to pay for the cost of their printing, then building up a bit of coin to pay for art on the sourcebook.

To that end, I will be speaking to the owners of some local game stores, beginning this coming weekend, about running public, walk-in Kalijor games in their stores. This will generate some buzz, get folks interested, and hopefully get some books on shelves in stores. Plus, as soon as the books actually start showing up for order on bookseller’s websites, I can kick in some online advertising and start generating some energy that way as well.


On the convention front, we will be setup at MAL Con from Friday September 27th through the 29th, then again at MileHi Con from October 18th through the 20th. We will have all of our novels and RPGs, plus some of the SurReal Mother Geek books from our partners in G33k & Co. I’ll be running Kalijor games at both conventions, as well as doing panels and signing books. My awesome friend Mike will be at the table whenever I am not, so books will be available throughout both conventions, even if you can’t find me personally.

After those there is a faint possibility of a con in November, but I have heard nothing from the organizers on a couple of questions I asked them, so at this point it isn’t looking good. I am beginning to send out communications to organizers for next year’s conventions as well, building the 2014 con schedule. I’ll hopefully be adding a  handful of conventions and, at this point I can confirm that we will be returning to GenCon (would love to do so with a sourcebook for the game, but we’ll have to see what happens there).


On a personal note, I got a new gaming table at the house this weekend. It is twelve feet by four feet and should comfortably seat 12-14 people for whatever kind of gaming we want to do! I’m on the lookout for some chairs that are not back-breaking (or bank-breaking), and I Have plans to setup a TV with a computer, a stereo, an X-Box 360, a camera for video conferencing and, eventually, a projector to I can throw video, maps, and so on, on the far wall, or even on the surface of the table. It’s all being done on a budget, but the table and chairs are the biggest pieces to acquire and I did much better on the table than I really could have hoped, so I am already well ahead of the game. I’ll post some pics as soon as things start really coming together with the new setup!


Okay, I think that’s about it for now. I will probably post again next week just to remind folks of MAL Con.


I hope you all have a great week and I will talk to you later!


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