Hello, everyone!


We just got back from MAL Con and I have to say that for a first year convention, it was very well organized, very well run, and had quite a bit of energy with the attendees. There were a couple minor sticking points but to be honest, I think it is a testament to Nikki and her skills as an organizer that the con went as smoothly as it did. I, for one, am looking forward to next year!

I ran a Kalijor game on Saturday afternoon and unfortunately a lack of food, drink, and some sleep, had me petering out by the time we were getting into the last hour of the game. I apologize to those that played, I was kind of a hurting unit there. Still, they all seemed to have a good time and I was very glad to have had/drafted them into playing!

I also ran a workshop on latex fabrication for CosPlayers, or whomever else was interested, and I got a bunch of great feedback from that as well. I’ve never really shared what I’ve learned in that world with anyone other than my wife, so it was an interesting combination of sharing something I enjoy doing with folks I don’t know in an unfamiliar setting and that giddy feeling I get when I am in the process of sharing information with those who want to have it. It really brought me back to my days as a technical trainer and rekindled the love I have of helping others learn new skills and broaden horizons. In short, it was good fun and I would be willing to do it again if it is something folks want to have more of. 🙂


In terms of writing stuff, I made some headway on the new novel whilst I was at con, but I’ve spent the past couple days taking care of some other business odds and ends. It is unfortunate that I have to take time to handle things like taxes and writing letters to foundations, but that is, alas, part of the cost of doing business. Still, I should be able to finish all of that up tonight, and then get back to the creative stuff later in the week.

Next year’s novel:

The initial editing pass is nearly 30% done and I will probably start looking at the finished portion/making changes this week so I don’t have a pile to get through when it’s completely done. There is a bunch of writing to do in order to fill in some character development gaps toward the beginning, so if I get on it soon, I should be able to get through the rest of the edit much more quickly. My goal is to have a revised edition back in editing by December 1 at the latest. It is my fervent hope that this novel can be completely finished, in print, and available in stores, in time for a StarFest (mid April) 2014 release!

Kalijor RPG:

Sales on the RPG are kind of slow, but there is basically no advertising going on for that at the moment, aside from games at cons. Another business task I have on the list for this week is to get with a couple local game stores that have tables and get some public games going. It is my hope that once that is happening, I will be able to get some books on store shelves and generate some momentum.

I’ll also be submitting the Kalijor and Kalijor: Kids RPG books for the EnNie program this week, which could generate some buzz, depending upon how that progresses. I also have a couple other leads I am pursuing in order to get some energy going. But what I am not doing is resting on my laurels. Supplements are already being hammered out (one is done with writing and just needs editing, layout, and art) in anticipation of fan uptake!



It looks like whatever this Rocky Mountain Con is, it is not actually going to be a con. I sent an email more than a month ago asking a couple of questions, and I have not as yet heard back from them. Since the con is supposed to be next month, I am writing it off at this point. That means that we have MileHi Con here in less than three weeks (October 18th) and then we are done for the 2013 year.

For 2014, we are going to hit a record number of cons and I am already working on the list and arrangements. At this point it looks like this:

Genghis Con


Denver Comic Con

Anomoly Con


Tacti Con


MileHi Con

I’m working on NDK and a couple others still, but I’m also trying to get the product lineup to the point that we really have a good dovetail into some of the more genre specific themes (anime/manga at NDK for example). Also, there are a bunch of cons that are not exactly local, but still in state, so I’m trying to find a balance between expenses and potential profits based upon demographics, Con content, and myriad other criteria. But rest assured, we will be making the rounds, doing panels, running games, hosting workshops, and selling books, in addition to writing and producing material.


2014 is going to be big!


That’s about it for now. We’re supposed to get the panel/workshop/game schedule for MileHi Con this week sometime. I’ll post it here as soon as I can. Until then, I hope everyone has an awesome day/week, and I will chat at you later!


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