*Hangs head in shame* Yes, I am aware that I am a habitually bad blogger/updater. I’ve kind of made peace with that aspect of my personality, but I do regret inflicting it upon those who have expectations that don’t jive with my crazy. To those of you who watch this space, I do apologize for the infrequent updates. I would swear I’ll do better, but that usually only lasts a month or two before I start slacking again, so I’m not making any promises. So, I’ll make an effort, but in the interim, check out the below! Some of you may not be aware that Kalijor Press has an affiliation with an awesome company called G33k & Co. which is an organization dedicated to the expansion of the geek consciousness and arm geeks young and young-at-heart with the tools they need to face the world and spread a little love. Well, one of our peers in G33k & Co. is the SurReal Mother Geek who has an amazing book of nursery rhymes and parables that have been ‘geekified’ for your pleasure. The book is superbly illustrated, and masterfully worded and I highly recommend that you check it out, even if you don’t have kids. But if you do have younger kids, then you need to give it a look as it is the ultimate primer for your progeny! You can check it out at their FaceBook page, or pick up a copy on Kindle, iPad, or dead-tree formats! Personally, I like the iPad version as it is completely interactive with sounds, animations, hidden items to find and seek, voice-over (if you want it), and pronunciation of words to help kids learn to read and speak!   Okay, on to Kalijor Press News. 🙂


The First Key of Kalijor is now free on as many eReader platforms as I could make that happen. A couple of them have some kind of restriction saying you can’t change it to free if you’ve ever charged money for it, so on a couple it is $0.99. Most price match though, so you can probably still get it for free if you send an email their way, but it is free on Amazon and iBooks which are the two big ones. Please, tell your friends and family! Well, the Aegis Protocol is mostly through editing and rewrite. The last couple of chapters are still with the editor and rewrite is caught up so as soon as I have those last few chapters I can hammer out the rest and get it in for round two of major editing. We’re still looking good for a StarFest 2014 release and I still feel this is my best work yet so I am very much looking forward to sharing it with everyone. As soon as Aegis Protocol is in the can, I will start the next big rewrite on The Turin Gambit and then hand it off to editing, hopefully in first quarter 2014, giving them an unprecedented amount of time to really work it over and hammer out all the little things that tend to slip through. I am still writing another Daray/Lana story, and a novel with a set of new characters that takes place about 20-25 years after the Fifth Key, and I have several books written and lined up for rewrite after the Turin Gambit is cleaned up.

Kalijor RPG

The Kalijor RPG core book is now available from all major booksellers! Most will have to order it in, but they all have access to it now, so if you ask, they can get it. Amazon currently has it on sale for about $5 off regular retail. The Kalijor: Kids core book will be the next to get through the retail quagmire, but it will have to wait until after the first of the year as I am still pretty backed up on projects right now. It is still available from our store here at Kalijor.com, and if you email me I can hook you up with autographed copies as well. Also, both books are available on iBooks and at DriveThruRPG.com. Either (or both) would make a great gift for a family of gamers this holiday season, or any other day. I am currently working on a rewrite of the first scheduled sourcebook for the game, Rathalon! It is shaping up nicely and is about 80% done at this point. I’ve even begun building the art list and doing layout/formatting on the finished parts of the book so it really is close. The caveat to all of this though, is that I need the core books to get into the black before I can afford to buy more art for the supplements, so the more copies we can move, the faster that can happen. I have about 20 pages of the next sourcebook written (The Earth Ring Station) already, as well as a bunch of other material for subsequent books that is all growing slowly as I have moments here and there. The other big RPG project I am working on right now are two adventure supplements. One of which takes place entirely in the ‘real world’ of the future and involves a mysterious ship and a pair of warring Artificial Intelligences. The other takes place in both Kalijor and ‘the real world’ and, oddly enough, also involves an artificial intelligence, only this one is sentient and seeking something that nobody is sure is a good thing, or a bad thing if it should acquire it. Both campaigns are shaping up to be quite the ride for players and they are testing well with my groups. Scads of new equipment, NPC’s, creatures, places, and more a sprinkled throughout both and I am really looking forward to getting them cleaned up and ready for you guys to check out!


2014 is shaping up to be a pretty busy year for Kalijor Press. Around all of the production we are doing we also have numerous conventions that we will be attending, both as a vendor, and as a guest. Right now the list looks thus: Genghis Con Anomoly Con StarFest Denver Comic Con GenCon TactiCon MAL Con MileHi Con   We are looking at a couple of others as well, namely Wasabi and Nan Desu Kan, plus a little con in January, although that may not happen at this late stage. We’ll be looking to run games at every opportunity while at con, and I will be a guest (or mod) on panels at many of those conventions as well. Also, I know I am listed as a guest on the GalaxyFest 2014 website, but unless I receive some communication from the organizers of that convention, Kalijor Press will ~not~ be in attendance there. So, if you were hoping we’d be there, then please contact the convention and have them get hold of us to discuss the con. Lastly, I’m still hoping to get a couple local walk-in games going at shops in the Denver area, but thus far I have been so swamped with production that I haven’t had the time to go pound the sidewalk and get them set up. Stay tuned for more on that front.   Okay, I think that’s bout it for this round. I’ll try to update more frequently, but I am not promising anything. I hope you all have an amazing day, and a stupendous ChristmaHaunnaKwanzaDanivuS!   End of Line…   Paul