So, yeah… It’s been a while.

But there will be more to come. And soon.

My problem with this blog, aside from my unparalleled ability to lose track of time, has always been me not knowing what to post about. So, I’ve decided to just post about whatever is going on in my world. Is this a win, or a loss, for you, the reader?

Only time will tell…

In the time lapsed since last I posted, sort of a lot has happened. I’m not going to go over it all, but here’s a recap:
Kalijor Press now has 8 novels in print. The Keys of Kalijor series is finished and it has been followed by the Aegis Protocol (Daray’s origin story), It Never Raynes (the story of Rayne, Riana and Vincent’s Daughter, about 20 years after the Fifth Key closes), and Essequibo River (the Story of Tal Renner, and the roving gipsy band, Pandora Celtica, and their attempts to right some wrongs by subverting a few laws).

I’ve also finished and published a new Role Playing Game, with the help of my friend and partner, Chris McCown. It is called Falling Stars, and it is published by Lock ‘n Load Publishing as their very first RPG. They have many other board, card, and war games, plus a video game and now have branched out into RPGs. At present, Falling Stars has a 400+ page core book; a 90+ page Quickstart book that is sold in a Beginner’s Game box that includes maps, tokens, dice, character portfolios, and a short story to introduce players to the world; a 90+ page Module with three chapters and 9-20 hours of game play, and a pack of 11 maps that includes two ships and a space station, all gorgeously illustrated and in 1 inch/28mm scale (perfect not just for this game, but for any sci-fi game in the same scale).

I also produced a 20,000 word short story for the GenCon 2016 anthology, Missing Pieces, in print now.

In 2016 I wrote two new novels, and have two others in revision/editing. I hope to publish at least two novels this year, plus a couple novellas, and finish up the last couple of books for the initial releases for the Falling Stars RPG. After that, I have a new game I’m working on, and need to go back over the Kalijor RPG to look at the rules and decide if I want to do a version 2 for balance and game play clean-up, or just proceed into sourcebooks and support material, leaving the rules as-is.

Anyway, that’s the recap of the past coulee years, and here we go into 2017!

I hope you all have an amazing year and very much look forward to interacting with as many of you as I can, whether it be at cons, or through the ‘net.