Equun Draco

This creature is a strange cross between a dragon and a horse. Their legs are strong and thick with muscles with clawed toes in any number from two to five. They have long necks, usually about the same length as their body, that are very flexible and fully articulate. They have long, whip-like tails that are anywhere from two to three times the length of their bodies and end in some form of bone blade, or club. Their heads resemble those of dragons with as much variance, some have horns and some do not but they all have fairly long faces/noses and long, sharp teeth that are good for tearing and cutting. Their bodies are covered in scales, usually very fine and smooth although some have been reported with rough, thick scales from time to time. Colors cover the entire gamut from blues, reds, and whites to metallic silver’s, gold’s and platinum’s. They are generally good-tempered animals that are easy to manage by even the most inexperienced handlers. When imprinted, the Equun-Draco and its companion will be able to feel one another’s feelings, sense when they are in danger and in some rare cases even see through one another’s eyes.

Average Life Span: 5,000 to 10,000 years normally, although one that has bonded with an individual will live as long as that individual, or visa versa. When one dies they both die.

Average Height: 3 to 4 feet at the shoulder. 24 to 30 feet in length including their neck (Which is about as long as their body) and their tail (which is 2 to 3 times the length of their body).

Average Weight: 600 to 1200 pounds

Eyes: Blues, greens, reds, golds, purples, almost any color is possible.

Hair: None.