The Aegis Protocol

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Life was never really what Darren would describe as easy, but he'd long since found a comfortable pace. His work as an industrial thief for Aegis Online certainly paid well enough, and allowed him to enjoy the kinds of freedoms that most people only dreamt of. But he still wanted out, as any bird in a gilded cage would. Fate, however, is a harsh mistress with a twisted sense of humor. On the verge of buying out his contract, he takes on one more job that should put him over the top and discovers the hard way that things like freedom, and Y chromosomes, should never be taken for granted. Now a guy stuck in a woman's body, he must track down the deadly Aegis Protocol that his former employer plans to use to attack the Kalijor game servers, and all of its players, while avoiding their agents, dealing with the new, and largely unwelcome, voice in his head, and keeping Xavier Quinn, the CEO of Solidarity Online, off his back. All while learning to deal with his new body, and all of the baggage that comes with it.

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Release Date: May 2014