The Fourth Key of Kalijor

Product Description

The tensions between Solidarity Online and the Conglomerate’s corporations are mounting. The artifacts unlocked by the Keys of Kalijor are at the heart of the problem as the virtual world of Kalijor leaks into real world of 3045 A.D. and Riana’s strange connection to both has granted her powers that defy not only logic, but the laws of physics. However, there’s a new wrench in the works. While Riana thought she was unique, a new player arrives with her looks and abilities, but with an agenda all her own.
Now, Riana must gather her friends and family close as she sets out to discover how the death of a player’s avatar can cause the death of the player themselves and find a way to keep that knowledge from falling into the wrong hands. The stakes are rising as everyone scrambles to find the Fourth Key of Kalijor...

Sample Chapters

The sample chapters for The Fourth Key of Kalijor begin here.
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Release Date: April 2012