The Author

Paul Lell - GenCon Indy 2011

My name is Paul Lell. I grew up in and around Arvada, Colorado (excepting a two year stint in Kansas because of my father’s work). I attended Arvada West High School, graduating in 1992. In 1994 I moved to Pueblo, Colorado where I spent five years attending the educational institute formerly known as the University of Southern Colorado. I started off as an engineering major (leaning toward civil engineering) until one day in the middle of an advanced trigonometry class I had a sudden epiphany: I no longer enjoyed doing math. Don’t get me wrong, I love numbers and I loved algebra and geometry, even right triangle trig was fun, but when they started taking all of the numbers out of the equations, I began to lose interest.

So I moved on to my next passion, art. Specifically computer animation and 3D modeling. I stayed in the art department until I left the University in 1999 and joined the work force back in Denver.

I am the father of two wonderful boys and we make our home in Westminster, Colorado with my wonderful wife who serves innumerable side duties as mother, wife, editor, artist, financial consultant, and a myriad of other tasks that I may never know.

I write every chance I get. At lunch while at the office, in the mornings before anyone else gets up, late at night after everyone else has gone to bed, you name it. ‘The First Key of Kalijor’ took me just over a year to write and its initial heavy editing was done by my wife who holds multiple bachelor’s degrees (In English and CIS).

My interests range all over, with focus on Science Fiction and Fantasy subject matter. I love taking in a movie on the couch or in the theater. I read whenever possible and whatever I can get hold of when the time avails itself. I have played pen and paper role playing games since I was in grade school, usually as the DM/GM of the campaigns, except when Tyler took the helm (thanks for the breaks Ty! I really miss playing sometimes!). I think that is probably what helped develop my interest in story telling. I play video games on any platform I can get my hands on, mostly adventure and RPG fare, but I like a good beat’em up or driver as well.