Quantum States


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A wise man once said that we create our own demons. When he said it, he meant that our actions in the past setup the challenges for our future. But in Bennu Amunet’s case, her demon is a literal demon. She’s lived with it for as long as she can remember, which is only back as far as that fateful accident in the snow. Although she desperately wants to uncover her lost memories—to find out who she is, and where she came from—someone has gone to great efforts to keep her past a secret from her. Ocelot, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with her past, and goes to great lengths to avoid dealing with, or even talking about it. Bennu can’t help being frustrated—especially when part of that past shows up to knock on their door and the assassin doesn’t even acknowledge it. When that ‘past’ kidnaps one of their friends and threatens to tear the city apart, the odd pair has no choice but to deal with it, forcing Bennu to spend way more time in the company of her own demon.

Sample Chapters

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Release Date: April 2018