The Kalijor: Kids Role Playing Game


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The Kalijor: Kids Role Playing Game is built on an entirely new game engine and is designed to help you and your players experience the world in your own ideal way. The kids version of the game is aimed at ages 7-14 and is designed to minimize most of the logistical aspects of the game. Players merely pick a class and start playing, much like a video game. Character advancement is handled mostly by the acquisition of funds and equipment, instead of the tracking of accumulated experience and tracking of levels. If you are interested in a role playing game that your kids can play with you, or on their own, with a minimum of down time, then this is the game for you. But it doesn't stop there. The best thing about this game is that it is built on the same core game engine as the 'full' Kalijor RPG, which means that characters from this game can jump in and play in any Kalijor or Kalijor: Kids campaign as they are! Or, if your kids grow up with this game but want to move into the 'full' game when they get old enough, then their characters can also be 'upgraded' to the 'full' version of the game to take advantage of the additional features and benefits of the complete rule set. Kalijor and Kalijor: Kids RPGs. Truly a game for the entire family, and serving gamers of all ages! Features:
  • Play with or without dice!
  • A complete new, skill, and ability.
  • Combat can be story driven with bonuses and play by play rolls, or quick and dirty with higher level skill rolls (or no rolls at all if you decide to play without dice).
  • Help kids learn to use skills and logic to solve in-game puzzles, both social and logical.
  • Encourage team-work and group problem solving amongst players of all ages.
  • Little to no logistical 'down time': pick a character and jump right in!
  • Play as employees of any of the 'Big Five' corporations that make up the Conglomerate, trying to maintain order and harmony, or as the outcast Dissidents, trying to make ends meet on the fringes of society, or strike out against the Conglomerate.
Races include (but are not limited to): Classes include:
  • The Pincher
  • The Runner
  • The Corporate Soldier
  • The Conglomerate Officer
  • The Conglomerate Pilot
  • The Conglomerate Tech
  • The Mercenery
  • The Digerati
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