Essequibo River

Product Description

Tal Renner was bullied a lot as a child. Now, he hopes to make a difference in people’s lives by joining up with the Aegis Online branch of the new Colonial Navy. A naval career would allow him to do just that, but his enlistment is denied and it looks like his life may be headed nowhere.
When he tries to help a seemingly innocent man, his world is turned upside-down. Within a matter of hours, his life is in danger, he's branded a criminal, and he is on the run. To get to safety and clear his name, he stows away aboard a mysterious vessel, with a group of unlikely heroes. A group of thieves, scoundrels, and grifters who make a living using their abilities to help those in need, by working outside the law. But will they help him after they find him hiding aboard their ship?

Sample Chapters

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Release Date: April 2016