The Fifth Key of Kalijor

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With Neo-Tokyo in flames, time is against Riana and her friends. As they try to discover Anja’s end-game, Riana’s status as the most wanted person in the solar system will force her to make deals with people she’d rather not owe favors to, all so she can have some hope of saving the people and worlds she loves. In Kalijor, efforts to uncover the remaining artifacts will find resistance and support from different quarters, taking Riana and her friends from the familiar lands of Rathalon and Pandoria to the forbidding Isle of Magic. It’s a race against the clock as they try to unravel the mysteries of the artifacts and use them to stop Anja once and for all. Can they see their trials through to completion and keep Riana from succumbing to the power of the artifacts?

Sample Chapters

The sample chapters for The Fifth Key of Kalijor begin here.

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Release Date: April 2012