Changes, Misses, Corrections, and Omissions...

Unfortunately, we miss things.

We try our very hardest to not let that happen, but we’re new at this, and it seems that, no matter how many times we go over a book, we continue to miss them. It seems like every time I hit the ‘submit’ button, I immediately find something that needs to be added, changed, corrected, removed, reformatted, or in some other way different.

Even in today’s world of print on demand and instant gratification, there is expense, and serious time-lag between updates to available printed material, so I’ve decided to keep a running list of items here on the site for you guys to reference when you find issues. If you find something in one of the books that needs clarification, or looks just crazy, check here to see if we’ve caught it and addressed it. If not, then drop us a forum post, or an email, and we’ll take a look and get items posted here for all to see. Eventually, all of these changes will make it into print, but we’d rather you all have access to them in the interim, just the same.

Items are categorized by book/supplement:

RPG-eCover Kalijor RPG Core Book