This web site was born of two very different needs. The first was to get the information about the book, sales, author and so forth out to you the people. Thus the primary page and associated links (this page included). The second need was to get out as much information about Kalijor as I possibly can. Kalijor is HUGE. MUCH larger than my novels will likely ever be able to encompass. As such I wanted you all to have as much information as you wanted about that huge world, things that aren’t seen in the books (yet), and may never be. If you want to know the politics of Rathalon, that information is here for you. If you have no desire to know these things, don’t feel bad, not everyone does.

Just to be clear here. My intention for the world of Kalijor is not to dominate it. Not to control it and dictate what happens within it. My intention here is to lay bare all of the gritty details of the world and its inner workings so that you all have all of the information you need to understand how things happen in Kalijor. Once you have that understanding (even if it is just abasic understanding) then it is my fervent hope that you run with it. Tell your own stories. Play your own games. Dream your own dreams! I will likely never stop writing about Kalijor. And while I fervently hope that you all will continue reading my stories, I also hope that you will be in some way inspired to go out and create your own, whether in my world or your own!

So come along! Enter my world! Stay as long as you like. Contribute if you see fit to do so. Or just sit back and watch!