Short Stories

The following stories take place long before the novels, when Riana and Katrina were naught but younglings growing up in the city of Rathalon.

An Orc is an Orc (unedited) Updated 3/8/07

In Search of… (unedited) Updated 1/31/08

Be Careful What You Wish For (unedited) Updated 1/31/08

The following stories would fall chronologically between the second and third novels of the regular series.

A hard Day’s Work (unedited) Updated 8/1/07 Broken Link

Here is a piece that takes place between the third and fourth novels from the perspective of one Vincent Torres.

A Day Like Any Other? Volume I (unedited) Updated 3/8/07

A Day Like Any Other? Volume II (unedited) Updated 3/18/07

A Day Like Any Other? Volume III (unedited) Updated 3/23/07

A Day Like Any Other? Volume IV (unedited) Updated 3/29/07

A Day Like Any Other? Volume V (unedited) Updated 10/26/07

A Day Like Any Other? Volume VI (unedited) Updated 10/26/07

The following stories are just for fun. They are not Kalijor related but hopefully still entertaining!

Zyrk is a character that I created for a contest on the Deviant Art website. Still no word on how I fared, but I thought I could share it with you anyway. The story starts off with a statistical look at the main character, Zyrk.  Then it moves into the actual story. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! (unedited) Updated 1/31/08

Trinkets and Trash is a story about a private detective that has gone in search of a client’s missing possession. He encounters a little resistance along the way. This piece was written just for fun. (unedited) Updated 1/31/08