Asteroid Belt

Vital Statistics

Name: The Asteroid Belt

Other Names: The Belt, or Beltway

Location: Between Jupiter and Saturn

Permanent Population: Around three million people.

Transient Population: 100-5,000

Imports: Everything but food.

Exports: The Belt is the Sol system’s primary source of raw metals and other hard construction materials.


‘The Belt’ refers to the community that lives and works in the asteroid belt that lay between Jupiter and Saturn. As such, it is not really a physical location, so much as a a series of cobbled-together space stations/habitats amongst the asteroids. Usually, but not always, there is a path cleared to the facility so that large ships can get in and out to halul in supplies and haul out mined materials.

Features/Places of Note


This is not a large, cohesive community like most of the other planets maintain, but rather a great number of tiny stations and bases that all operate independently of one another. Each station is run by a family with the head of household typically calling the shots within their particular operation. Each month the Conglomerate sets a quota for ‘The Belt’ to meet and then the heads of households meet to divvy up the work load in order to maximize resources and profits. Occasionally there is a small skirmish between households but usually they are too interested in meeting quota to be dealing with petty squabbles. ‘The Belt’ is easily the best place for anyone who is trying to avoid detection to secret themselves away. Most of the families will harbor refugees for a price and the decentralized nature of the community makes it neigh impossible to locate anyone not wishing to be found.