Forest Of Brume

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Name: Forest of Brume

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The Forest of Brume is an ancient forest that dominates more than a third of the light side of Kalijor. It rests between the Northern and Southern Planes of Serenity, runs up to the Uraval Mountains on the east side and the Great Sea to the west. In the center of the forest rests the Great Inland Sea, a body of water that would take a week to cross in any direction and in the center of which is an island where one of the five ziggurats of Kalijor rests. The areas of the forest that butt up against the Great Inland Sea are by far the oldest, and home to the largest of the Brume Trees and the oldest of the creatures that live in the forest. There are a few roads through the eastern and western portions of the forest, but none through the central areas. In the eastern central portion of the forest, just off the main road there is the portal to the elven city of Pandoria, and in the central western portion of the forest is the monolith tower that is the Magic Academy. Also along the coast on the western edge of the forest there are several fishing villages where hundreds of people have taken up residence and make a living providing sea food to most of the rest of Kalijor.

The Forest of Brume is home to a myriad of creatures and animals including bears, goblins, wolves, snakes, a few large cats, giant spiders and even a clan of werepanthers. The forest has a layer of mist, lending to its name, that constantly covers the ground to about a foot depth, making it difficult to see where you are placing your feet as you move through the region. This makes it easy to step on any number of small creatures but also plays on people’s nerves more because of the constant sense of movement travelers feel as said small creatures dart out of the way, just out of sight in the mist.

The Forest of Brume is the oldest standing forest on the central continent of Kalijor. It is populated almost entirely by Brume Trees which are a slow growing, dense, long fiber hard wood that is perfect for weapons and structural members in construction. However one of the less pleasing qualities of the wood is that is constantly exudes a thick, grey-white mist or fog. The forest floor is constantly obscured by this mist making it easy to trip over roots or other small obstacles. This property seems to stay with the wood, even years after it has been cut and worked into a desired form. This property makes the wood a seldom used choice for most construction projects and most adventurers find it more than a little disconcerting to have themselves constantly surrounded by a thick fog so it is also rarely used in weapon construction.

Features/Places of Note

The forest gets older and older the closer one gets to the center where some of the trees can measure their age in millennia. In the heart of the forest is the Great Inland Sea.

On the east side of the Great Inland Sea, in the younger forest, lay the portal to Pandoria.

On the west side of the Great Inland Sea, almost on the shore of the Endless Ocean is the monolithic Magic Academy.

The forest plays host to some of the oldest known living creatures on Kalijor, as well as some of the most powerful. Most of these creatures live deeper in the forest, but occasionally they can be seen by unwary travelers that have wandered off the beaten path. In the younger forest one can encounter, bears, wolves, deer, small birds, and numerous varieties of rodents and insects.