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Name: Rathalon

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The unofficial capital city of Kalijor , Rathalon is by far the largest city in the world. It was carved by the best dwarven craftsmen in the world along with assistance from some of the cleverest mages since the great wars. Not a single piece of stone was added to the city during its construction. Even the doors are carved from the stone where they stand, and are operated through magical enchantments. The city has running hot and cold water and waste removal, all provided through an intricate system of plumbing and magical portals. It is the center of commerce on Kalijor with magical portals that go to and from each of the other five cities in the world. Rathalon is governed by a group called the city council, which is comprised of eleven public servants who are selected by public lottery from all residents of the city. The term of service on the city council is one year, during which time the meager sales taxes of the city pays for the upkeep of the individual’s properties. Their wages are paid out of the city coffers and they are given an office and sleeping quarters within the council building in the “palace” of Rathalon. These officials are not required to stay at the palace, but often they are needed on short notice, so most choose to sleep there and see their families during daylight hours when business is not pressing. After their one year of service they are released back to their normal lives, and are exempted from the next ten public lotteries. The city council operates on a system of republic democracy where the eleven members vote on matters of state after hearing the concerns of the citizens at council. Anyone that wishes to be heard on an issue need simply show up during council sessions and raise their hand. Rathalon is defended by a standing army that is equipped with some of the best dwarven and elven crafted magical weapons and armor that is available in Kalijor.

Rathalon is positioned at the north end of the Uraval Mountains and is home to more than a million sentients. The city was carved from the face of the mountains and is one of the greatest achievements of dwarven craftsmanship in the history of the world. In Rathalon, everything is made of the original stone that was part of the mountain range and almost nothing was brought in or added from outside. Nearly all of the doors, gates, grates and other moving pieces are made of stone as well. This is acomplished through the use of magic that allows the stone slabs to be moved, or even move on their own. All of Rathalon is provided with fresh, clean, hot and cold running water, and automated waste disposal systems as part of its enchanted infrastructure.

At any given time there are more than a million transients in the city, most of which can find room and board in the cliff apartments for reasonable rates, or the more luxurious inns in the city proper if they are willing to spend a little more coin.

Features/Places of Note

Rathalon is the hub of the Kalijor portal system, housed in the great portal chamber. Within this chamber are six raised daises surrounding an arcade of pillars with a large, sunken area in its center. Five of the six daises have floating columns of glowing rings atop them, these are the out-bound portals to the other major cities of Kalijor and travelers have but to step into a column of rings to be instantly transported to the city that the rings are connected to. Connected cities are: Talanor, Pandoria, Avian, Cohai, and The Magic Academy.

The large, sunken area in the center of the chamber is where all arrivals from the other cities appear. This chamber is always heavily guarded and extremely busy, night and day.

Near the portal chamber is the Rathalon Bazaar which is an enormous structure where merchants can set up booths and tables to sale their wares out of the elements. It is akin to a giant indoor shopping mall and is large enough to house more than onehundred-thousand people at a time. Just keep an eye on your coin purse when things get busy.

Rathalon is protected by a standing army that is known as the Rathalon Guard. These soldiers are among the best trained, well equipped, and most capable fighting forces in Kalijor. Their standard equipment includes a suite of dwarven crafted plate armor and their signature weapon which is a short staff with a long, straight blade on either end.


The government in Rathalon is a republic in which all citizens over the age of eighteen have their names put into a lottery. Each year there is a lottery drawing where eleven names are drawn. These eleven people become the governing body of the city for that year and are known as ‘The Council of Elders’. All policy decisions are made through majority vote of these eleven people. Anyone who wants to make a case or present information to the council can do so on a weekly basis when open forums are held.