Grenades come in a myriad of forms and functions, from simple explosives to fragmentation grenades, to much more advanced concussion, soni,c and even chemical grenades, if non-lethal options are preferred.

The basic technology is easy for even the untrained to operate, simply pull the pin/press the button and throw the device toward the target. Most operate on extremely reliable solid-state electronic timers and on some of the higher end devices the timer can be adjusted to any length of time required by the user, or even set to detonate on impact. The amount of damage a grenade is capable of doing is dependant upon the payload of the grenade and can range from severe property damage and obliterated soft tissues to simple concussive waves that topple light objects and people to the ground. Some chemical grenades are even designed to release expanding/quick hardening foam to restrain people or fill up large volumes of space with temporary impassible barriers (usually there is a chemical counter-agent that can be applied to neutralize/remove the foam).

Range: About 40 to 100 feet when thrown by an average person. Can be upwards of 250 feet when thrown by someone with cybernetic/genetic augmentation.

Weapon Class: C

Most non-explosive grenades are readily available and relatively cheap as long as you know where to look for them. The explosives are more difficult to locate as they are considered controlled items.