High Frequency Blade

High frequency blades are a new twist on an old standard. They are basically swords and knives made of high strength alloys. Well balanced weapons with keen cutting edges that are then enhanced by the addition of a high-frequency reciprocating motor that causes the blade to vibrate almost beyond the range of human perception. The end result is a bladed weapon that cuts much like a chain saw. These blades are able to cut through most materials including metal alloys as strong as starship hull plating. High frequency knives are easy to conceal while their larger counterparts are not so easily hidden, but either one is an excellent choice for anyone skilled with a blade to use in their defense.

Effective Range: Depends upon the length of the blade, anywhere from 1 inch to 72 inches.

Maximum Range: See Effective Range. These weapons do not make good projectile or thrown weapons.

Payload: The energy source for the reciprocating motor is the only limiting factor for how long these weapons last. Older versions were powered by high density batteries or hydrogen fuel cells that would typically last 3 to 5 weeks with occasional use. Newer models are outfitted with micro fusion power supplies giving them an effectively limitless life span.