Vital Statistics

Name: Tranquility

Other Names:

Location: Luna, The sea of Tranquility

Permanent Population: Five-hundred Million

Transient Population: Twenty Million to fifty million souls.

Imports: Nearly everything but very basic food and goods that can be produced locally.

Exports: None per se. Luna in general and Tranquility in particular are teh entertainment capitol of teh Sol system, so a great many celebrities and movie studios reside here.


The domed city of Tranquility is the largest city/structure on the surface of the moon, being more than five-hundred square miles in size and playing host to around five-hundred million permanent residents. At any given time there may be as many as fifty million additional people in the city on business, or simply visiting.

The crater walls that make up the outside edge of the city house thousands of air-locks and pressureizable hangars of all sizes in order to accommodate all manner of vessel, although all commercial passenger transports use the massive spaceport in order to get in and out of the city.

The weaker gravity field of the moon is amplified through the use of gravity levelers that increase the field strength to 1G (Earth normal) gravity, where most habitable locations are kept in order to keep people able to easily transition from location to location without incurring additional health risks.

While there are some manufacturing and agricultural facilities in Tranquility, the city is mostly residential and administrative in nature.

Features/Places of Note

Of note in the city of Tranquility is a public/national park that has never been developed. In fact its surface has remained untouched for more than a thousand years. This spot is the landing site of the original Eagle space craft that made humanity’s first tentative steps on another world.