Dwarves are a subterranean race that are intelligent, belligerent, and extremely capable builders and excavators. As a rule, dwarves make excellent craftsmen and artisans, some of the finest weapons and armor in Kalijor have been credited back to dwarven craftsmen. Dwarves and elves tend not to get along very well due to some ancient hostility between their two peoples, although not openly combative under normal circumstances, it takes very little coaxing to get a dwarf to into a confrontation with an elf. Dwarves are intelligent, shrewd negotiators, superb cooks and brewers, and fair wielders of magic, especially where such magics will in any way enhance their artisan skills.

Average Life Span: 500 to 700 years

Average Height: 2 to 3.5 feet

Average Weight: 90 to 150 pounds

Eyes: Brown, hazel, grey. Rarely blue and very rarely green.

Hair: Brown, black, red and occasionally blond.