Trolls are tall, skinny, physically powerful, and normally assumed to be not terribly bright, although this often proves to be a fatal mistake to make. They range in color from yellow, through green, brown, and reddish colors. Trolls normally have large tufts of hair sticking out all over their bodies in strange directions with no apparent rhyme or reason to their placement. Their facial features are gaunt, angular, and almost all severely pointed. They have large, pointy teeth that are asymmetrically placed in their misshaped jaws and long, pointy ears that stick off the sides of their heads at strange angles.

All this having been said, trolls are remarkably intelligent creatures that tend to have a very good understanding of the world and most things in it. While extremely strong physically (approaching the strength of ogres), most trolls choose to live solitary, secluded lives, staying out of the affairs of other mortal creatures. A troll’s inherent understanding of the world and how it works tends to make them unpopular in most social gatherings as most sentient beings tend to shy away from people that can offer real, valuable solutions to their issues, preferring instead to blunder about their lives looking at things through their own shaded glasses.

Average Life Span: 500 to 1200 years.

Average Height: 7 to 9 feet.

Average Weight: 300 to 500 pounds.

Eyes: Black, yellow, or red.

Hair: Silver or white and very sparse.