Reptilians are a race of highly evolved reptiles, just as their name would suggest. Reptilians are usually thin, but strong, and light in weight. They usually have no body hair what so ever, although the occasional reptilian has been seen with a mane of thick, straight hairs on their neck. What causes this is unknown and it is extremely rare. Their skin is covered in scales that range from medium to coarse in texture and a variety of patterns and ridges can be seen from family line to family line. They have long, pointed teeth that are designed to rip and tear flesh, which is their sole source of nutrition, providing both food and liquid for their bodies. They do imbibe the occasional drink when in the company of other races but this is more a social nicity than anything else as they derive no value what so ever from doing so and are in fact entirely unaffected by alcohol and any other poisons or toxins that are ingested orally.

Scale colorations range all over but usually have either a green, yellow, or black base to them. They are physically strong (MUCH stronger than they look in most cases) and extremely intelligent. Reptilians make superb mages, martial artists, scholars, politicians, and merchants.

Average Life Span: 100 to 500 years.

Average Height: 3 to 8 feet.

Average Weight: 90 to 500 pounds.

Eyes: Black, yellow, or red.

Hair: Typically none, occasionally black or white.