Obscuri are a race of elves that have evolved along very different lines from their other brothers and sisters. Long ago, during the ancient wars that threatened to destroy all of Kalijor, a group of elves developed new forms of immensely powerful magic which they used to imbue a number of artifacts with supernatural abilities unheard of previously. These elves then used these items to bring peace to Kalijor. But the peace was short lived as other races began to realize what level of power these elves had achieved. As most of the world started beating at the doors of their city the elves quickly came to a decision. They decided that their knowledge was nothing the world could have, it was simply too powerful. So they sealed away their artifacts within a series of ziggurats around the world and then disappeared from the face of Kalijor. Over the following centuries, they have developed into a race of light, almost pale white skinned elves that make their home in a series of inky black caves at the top of the Uraval Mountains . They do not welcome visitors, and rarely if ever allow them to leave once they have found their hidden city.

Average Life Span: Immortal unless killed through violence.

Average Height: 6 to 7 feet.

Average Weight: 120 to 180 pounds.

Eyes: Greys, blacks, and dark blues.

Hair: Black, white, or pale blue.