Xeracra are large cat-like creatures with thinly placed, thick-bristled hair that is a sickly grey color. They have six powerful, stocky limbs that make them both swift and silent. Their mouth is like a great shark’s with multiple rows of short, serrated teeth that all point back toward the animal’s throat. They have four eyes, two vivid green orbs set into the front of their head, and two glossy black ones that are much smaller and positioned one on either side of the animal’s head, just in front of its huge ears that each sport a tuft of hairs sprouting from its extreme tip. The predators have long, whip-like tails that stick straight out behind them like a rudder. Xeracra are solitary hunters that stalk their prey, usually over long distances before pouncing from behind or from the shadows. Their normal tactic is to grip prey with its fore legs and tear it to pieces with its four rear legs to kill it as quickly as possible. Smaller prey is usually caught in its massive jaws and killed by grinding teeth and working it towards its throat.

Average Life Span: 50 to 100 years.

Average Height: 2 to 3 feet. 8 to 12 feet long.

Average Weight: 500 to 900 pounds.

Eyes: Green and black (both)

Hair: Grey with some other colored markings (Usually darker greys and oranges).