Orcs are tribal creatures that typically shun more civilized life and live in small to medium sized groups in the wilds of Kalijor. Their physical size and appearance varies wildly based upon what region they hail from and orcs are unique among most other species of Kalijor in that they very quickly develop physical adaptations to better help them survive in their environment. As an example, it has been noted that orcs that are forced to vacate their lands for new environments will develop new skin coloration and markings and even dramatically change size to better acclimatize themselves to their new environs. Orcs that live in cold climates tend to be white, grey, dark blue or even black with markings usually in opposing colors (i.e.: black markings on white skin), while orcs living in forested regions will usually be brown, green, black or red, again with markings in opposing colors. Orcs living in large open expanses tend to be physically larger and stronger than those living in confined or enclosed areas where smaller sizes are of much more benefit to mobility. All orcs have long tusks on their lower jaws that protrude upwards out of their mouths and cover portions of their faces and their eyes are almost always black as obsidian. Most orcs will completely adjust physically to a new environment within a year of continuous exposure to the conditions therein.

Orcs are generally unpleasant creatures that have learned that it is much easier to take what they want at the point of a weapon than to produce anything of their own. As such they have no real industry or marketable skills aside from the waging of wars, at which they have become exceedingly efficient. It is extremely rare to find an orc that has given up its tribal ways in favor of any form of civilized living. Such things do happen from time to time but even then the creatures are looked down upon and treated with mistrust by nearly all other ‘civilized’ races. Orcs reproduce very quickly and in large numbers but their lifestyle leads to a high mortality rate among their young.

Average Life Span: 50 to 150 years.

Average Height: Varies based on environment.

Average Weight: Varies based on environment.

Eyes: Black or red.

Hair: None.