Elves are an elegant, intelligent, and prideful people. They are the masters of whatever they undertake, always striving to be without peer. It is this attitude which is said to have led to the great war millennia ago when elven and dwarven craftsmen were driven to war over the subject of who’s skills where the better when it came to forging magical weapons. Since that war the elves have almost entirely given up the art of metal working, preferring instead to devote themselves to nature, magic and wood working. Most elves are now very quiet, introspective people, preferring to observe any given situation rather than having a hand in its unfolding. Most elves are extremely difficult to anger, and even more difficult to force to physical violence.

Average Life Span: Immortal in most cases. The elven race is unique in Kalijor in that they can choose if and when they die (unless by violence). Most elves live for millennia.

Average Height: 3 to 7 feet

Average Weight: 40 to 160 pounds

Eyes: Normally blues, greens and golds. Occasionally browns or greys and extremely rarely violets.

Hair: Browns, blonds, reds, platinums, and blacks.