Humans are by far the most plentiful race in Kalijor. They range in skin tones from pale white through dark brown, almost ebony. They are an intelligent race that learns quickly but oft times makes rash decisions as they are still quite young, in racial terms. Their life span is short in comparison to the other major races of Kalijor with most living around eighty years although some have lived well into their hundreds. Humans do well in almost any vocation or environment and are by far the most adaptable race of Kalijor. They are quick witted, and while they excel at almost nothing, most are capable of performing well at a vast myriad of tasks all at once.

Average Life Span: 70 to 150.

Average Height: 4 to 7 feet.

Average Weight: 80 to 400 pounds.

Eyes: Blues, greens, browns, and hazels.

Hair: Browns, blonds, blacks, and reds.