10Mm Handgun

The 10mm caseless round is the standard amunition for most weapons in the Sol system, including law enforcement and military personnel. The auto-pistol favored by most spec-ops personnel has a standard 15 round magazine and selective firing modes of safe, semi-automatic (one round per trigger pull), burst (three rounds per trigger pull), and full automatic (fires for as long as the trigger is held down). There is also a 30 round extended magazine for the weapon that will extend full-auto firing time but unbalances the weapon slightly and makes it more difficult to conceal. These weapons are extremely reliable, easy to clean, and fire in all environments and conditions including the vacuum of space (The shaped charge propellant is oxygen impregnated so that it has everything needed to fire in any environment).

Effective Range: 1,000 feet

Maximum Range: 2,100 feet

Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds normal, 30 rounds long

Weapon Class: B

These weapons can be outfitted with a number of accessories and attachments including silencers/suppressors, laser sights, balancers, advanced sights, custom hand grips and grip frames, longer barrels for increased accuracy, modified hammer and sear assemblies that adjust trigger sensitivity and refire rate, and more. The weapons are easily concealable, well balanced, and widely available.