Daray's Penthouse

Vital Statistics

Name: Daray’s Penthouse

Other Names: Home

Location: Tranquility, Luna

Permanent Population: 2

Transient Population: A dozen or so, depending upon the day and what’s going on.

Imports: Food, goods, friends, weapons, ammunition…

Exports: A constant sense of wonder and lust for life.


Originally purchased and furnished by Solidarity Online for use as housing for agents on assignment or in need of a safe house. Daray was given use of the home and its facilities when Xavier sent her to Tranquility to get to the bottom of the Aegis Online plan to kill or lobotomize millions of Kalijor players. After the mission was completed and debts were being settled, Xavier signed the deed to the penthouse over to Daray as an apology for the Skinsuit being permanently bonded to her body, preventing her from being returned to her original form through any known genetic engineering.

The penthouse is on the 32nd floor of a residential building less than ten minute’s walk from the Tranquility spaceport and is worth an estimated fifty million credits.

Features/Places of Note

Facilities include a commercial kitchen, a game room, a top of the line theater room, three bedrooms, a library, and office space, living room with wet bar, three bathrooms and a sunken/pit couch with a holographic display built into the central table, allowing for board games, videos, fire places, and even computer input/output to take place there.

Special amenities, not known to anyone but Daray, Lana, and other agents of Solidarity Online include a top of the line quantum computer cluster with direct access to a dedicated sub-space transceiver, VPN tunnel to Solidarity Online data warehouses, and enough processing power to run both APRIL and SEAN’s programs with muscle to spare. Several armories, and hidden equipment lockers that are kept loaded for bear and able to supply equipment for nearly any field operation, and diagnostic laboratory equipment of the highest caliber.

Daray and Lana now make their home here, with frequent trips to see Lana’s father and time away for business, but the house is kept clean and monitored by the full-time, around the clock building staff who have been hand-picked and security screened, and draw their salaries from Solidarity Online.





Daray's Tranquility Penthouse